Official Jeff Gordon VIP Meet and Greet Package

“Anyone who is a Jeff Gordon fan should seriously consider signing up for the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. We were somewhat hesitant to spend the money, especially since it was for two of us, but meeting Jeff Gordon at the Las Vegas race, and the experience that was provided by the people involved with putting this together, makes this event something not to be missed. As I told Jeff, meeting him was truly a ‘highlight’. We are so appreciative of the opportunity we were given to meet him. This is something we’ll be talking about for a long time, and won’t forget.”

Sue & Ray Robinson at the Las Vegas Jeff Gordon VIP Expereince

“I had a great time at the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. The whole experience was amazing. I was so surprised to see how open and honest Jeff was. I thought it would be just a quick meeting, but we were able to spend quality time with him. I forgot to ask Jeff some things, because I was so nervous. I plan to do the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience again.”

- Deana A. at the Fontana Jeff Gordon VIP Experience


Are you or someone you know a Jeff Gordon fan? Have you ever wanted to meet Jeff and have your picture taken with him, but you didn’t know how? Well, here is the opportunity to do just that and make a memory that will last a lifetime!

During the 2014 race season, Jeff Gordon will provide fans an exclusive opportunity each race weekend to meet him in person. In addition to that, you will also receive an autographed official 2014 Jeff Gordon photo for your collection.

Spots are limited so order your official Jeff Gordon VIP package today!

*Due to limited time for the meet and greet session, photos with Jeff Gordon may be taken in groups of 4-5 guests. Meet and greet with Jeff Gordon will take place one or two days before the Sprint Cup race event. Meet and greet will not take place on Sprint Cup race day due to team and sponsor commitments.

All sales are final. No request for cancellations, changes or refunds is accepted.
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